Friday, October 7, 2011


Coinciding with fashion week festivities in Milan, Australian-born graphic artist Craig Redman is making his debut in Italy. Redman's solo exhibition is titled 'Protagonist' and will be displayed in the Milanese store called Slam Jam. 

The collection consists of twenty vibrant illustrations that depict leading luminaries of the fashion industry. Combining pop-art aesthetics with various cubism elements, Redman represents these leading icons in a modern appropriation of portraiture. Stark black lines against a white backdrop, as well as patch-work patterns and severe colour-blocking all fuse together to form these caricatures. Featured figures include the likes of: Valentino, Miuccoa Prada, Ana dello Russo, Stefano Gabbana, Rosita and Ottario Missoni, and Ricardo Tisci. 

Craig Redman represents one half of the ‘Craig & Karl’ artistic duo with Craig based in New York City and Karl in Sydney. Redman also works under the often described as “witty and sarcastic” pseudonym of 'Darcel' and is the creator and developer of the well-known blog 'Darcel Disappoints'. Throughout Redman's work, one sees the undeniable amalgamation of the fashion and design worlds. This merge is most evident in their client list that ranges from design superpowers such as Nike and Apple to Vogue and iconic Parisian store Collette. Redman also recently presented a solo exhibition at Collette titled 'And a miserable day to you too'.

In an interview with Nowness, Redman says: “I think there’s a hopeful optimism in the work and it’s not alienating, which sometimes happens in the fashion world.” Ultimately, Redman's work demonstrates strong characterisation and attention to detail in a manner that is bold, bright and humorous.

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